Splashtastic fun at Wet n Wild

If you’re thinking about a short getaway in England then Northumberland is definitely the place for you. There is so much to see and do here, with beautiful scenery, luscious beaches and exciting towns and villages. Northumberland and its surrounding area is array with excitement and one place that the kids would absolutely adore is the North East’s largest indoor water park, Wet n Wild in North Shields which is just a 40 minute drive from our hotel. You can explore all that Northumberland has to offer and take a day trip to Wet n Wild for some water filled fun.

Wet N Wild North Shields

The rides!

Wet n Wild has ten exciting rides that will get the blood pumping. There is a mix of rides, some enticing the wildest of thrill seekers and some slower rides that appeal to those looking for a more relaxed time in the water. Some rides will have to be tackled solo but there are a few that allow you to pair up for double the excitement. Here are some of the rides you can discover:

Kamikaze – This ride is the fastest water slide in the UK and is an almost vertical 80ft drop where you will reach some cheek-wobbling speeds. It’s safe to say that the Kamikaze is not for the faint hearted. See if you have the guts to tackle this slide when you’re sat at the top facing the 80ft plunge.

The Abyss – This is a two person ride where you pair up for a terrifying journey through complete darkness down a series of speedy drops. Don’t get your hopes up when you see the light at the end of the tunnel, there is another surprise in store.

The Tornado – This is another fast ride that twists and turns as you plummet downwards. There are two slides that cross each other so you will have the chance to race a friend and see who can reach the bottom the quickest.

The Black Hole – This is another two person ride which is a lengthy journey through twists and turns in the dark tube. This ride is very popular as you never know what is around the next bend, with drops and twists popping up everywhere.

Calamity Canyon – This ride is a single, inflatable ride which consists of 6 smaller slides that take you into canyon whirlpools. You will crash into any slow coaches who get caught up in the whirlpool areas. Each whirlpool offers a different experience to keep you on your toes.

The Tempest – This is a slower ride, ideal for beginners looking to pluck up the courage for one of the bigger challenges.

Wet N Wild

Make a day of it

Your kids will be sure to love the rides at Wet n Wild and there is even a Discovery Play Island which has five rides that are all for children under ten. If you go to Wet n Wild on the right day you may also be able to get your child in for a swimming lesson where they will be looked after by a well trained Pirate Pete!

Whilst your kids go wild on the rides you can take a moment to enjoy some delicious food at the beach hut café where you will be able to keep an eye on your children. There is plenty of hot food to choose from as well as some dreamy Costa Coffee.

Warkworth House Hotel is the perfect place to spend your night after a fun filled day out at Wet n Wild.

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