We all scream for ice cream

Are you an ice cream enthusiast? Northumberland hosts some of the best ice cream makers in the whole country in the form of Spurreli and Morwick. If you are visiting Northumberland or staying in our cosy hotel we would definitely recommend visiting these ice cream parlours and tasting the revolutionary flavours for yourself.

Spurreli Boutique Ice Cream

Spurreli ice cream is homemade on site at their boutique and has received an incredible amount of praise.

We would recommend Spurreli’s boutique as a place to visit during your stay in the wonderful town of Warkworth as it is a nice place to sit and enjoy an incredible ice cream with the family. They also serve coffee, patisseries, speciality tea and winter soup for those who don’t fancy the brain freeze!

They use the fresh pedigree milk and cream from Marley Cote Walls farm in Hexham and all flavouring is also from the local area such as the rum which they get from Alnwick. Spurreli are considered one of the best producers of ice cream in the land and this is backed up with their impressive win of the Golden Fork award for best speciality food from the North of England which they won for their Sicilian pistachio ice cream.

Morwick Dairy Ice Cream Parlour

Morwick ice cream parlour is another extremely popular producer of ice cream and they believe their product is a “must” for any ice cream lover in the area. They make their ice cream from the milk of their award winning dairy herd and they seek to restore the tradition of true farmhouse ice cream which is slipping from existence. They boast a whopping 34 flavours of ice cream, incorporating their own unique flavours.

Again this is another good place to visit when staying in Warkworth as you can not only sample delicious ice cream but also see how this ice cream is made through the parlour viewing window for an unforgettable experience. There is also a play area for the kids to burn off the ice cream and you to sneak in a second whilst they play.

So whether you enjoy the odd ice cream every now and then or see yourself as a bit of a connoisseur come and stay with us and don’t forget to visit the places where these magical, mouth watering products are created.

Our special brand

We also offer some of the finest ice cream available in the form of Doddington dairy which is homemade and locally sourced, so if you fancy trying out some of our stock you will not be disappointed.

You may have heard about Doddington ice cream during the Olympic Torch ceremony in Newcastle when Doddington ice cream made a metre long ice cream cone for the passing of the torch down Northumberland Street. This cone was filled with a dozen scoops of Doddington’s Rip Roaring Raspberry Ice Cream and fiery popping candy which we think was very fitting for the occasion.

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