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Northumberland as a country is absolutely array with exciting activities and things to see and do. One town in Northumberland that is a must see is the ancient and beautiful town of Warkworth where the impressive Warkworth Castle dominates the skyline.

Warkworth Golf Course

Warkworth GolfIf you’re a lover of golf then there is no course quite like this one in Warkworth. Warkworth Golf Club is situated on the beautiful coastline of Northumberland with some pretty unbelievable views of the beach and the sea not to mention the views of the castle.

The castle overlooking the course gives it a really unique feeling and what’s more you can even see Coquet Island in the distance.

The course itself is a challenging one but any challenge is made easier by a location like this and I’m sure you’ll be up for testing your skills here.

The Castle

When you come to Warkworth one of the things that you have to visit is the incredible castle which sits fittingly on the top of a hill watching over the town. You can spend the day living the life of a King or Queen exploring all of the beautiful rooms inside the castle.

Warkworth Castle was once the home of the famous Harry Hotspur who was immortalised by Shakespeare who branded him a rebel Lord.

The Keep at Warkworth Castle is cross shaped which is a fascinating piece of architecture and the views from up there are to die for.

Once you’ve taken in all that the castle has to offer you will certainly wish to wander down to the river for a half mile boat trip that takes you to the secluded Hermitage which is a religious cave carved out of the rocks.

This Hermitage is only accessible via boat which makes it the perfect tranquil location to take in the surroundings and discover more about this intriguing place.

Warkworth Beach

Once you’ve taken in all of the spectacular views of the castle and the Hermitage it’s time to wander down to the beach where you will have the time of your life. Warkworth beach is a truly beautiful one and a nice walk along here is just what you need to tire yourself out for a good night’s sleep.
Warkworth Beach

Warkworth House Hotel

Here at Warkworth House Hotel we take great pride ensuring our guests have the most wonderful of stays and so you can be sure to have a great rest in our luxury hotel after your fun filled day in Warkworth. If you want to refuel you can take a look at our marvellous restaurant menu or maybe just sit in our bar and try some of the delicious ales that we have on offer.

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