Top 3 Northumberland shopping spots

Well that’s that, the crisp cool evenings of autumn is pretty much over as we move into winter for the next couple of months. There are, however, some positives that come with the winter months, such as Christmas shopping and the need to change your wardrobe to keep up with those chilly nights. Basically you have a great excuse to do some shopping and one of the best places to do this is Northumberland which is full of some splendid shopping locations. Here are my top 3 picks that you have to try out.


One town in Northumberland that is a great place to visit all round is Alnwick which is array with interesting history, a spectacular castle, and some great shopping to be done. If you’re a fan of independent stores, whether it be fashion, furniture or personal gifts then Alnwick will be one of your favourite places with its many hidden gems.

There are some beautiful streets in Alnwick with well-known and unique fashion stores which will be great for a day out with your friends and loved ones. There are plenty of delightful cafés, restaurants, and pubs where you can reenergise after some exciting browsing.

A personal favourite of mine to go shopping in Alnwick is Barter Books which is possibly my favourite book shop of all time and if you are into any kind of literature you will feel at home here.Northumberland Shopping


Another absolutely beautiful town in Northumberland is Morpeth which has some amazing scenery such as Carlisle Park which is a wonderful day out in itself. However, Morpeth happens to be a great place to do some shopping as well. You have some brilliant independent stores but then you have to pay a visit to the Sanderson Arcade which has some well known stores and this is a very pleasant place to shop.

Another aspect Morpeth is renowned for is its market. The market at Morpeth is a great place to find a bargain and some of the finest meat around. If you’re looking for somewhere to go for your Christmas market to buy gifts then Northumberland is full of brilliant ones and Morpeth is certainly one of these.


Berwick ShopsBerwick is a town in Northumberland that is famous for so many things and its history is absolutely incredible. If you decide to go for a weekend away in Northumberland then I would definitely recommend Berwick as a place to go and do some shopping. However, I would advise you to check out some of the history surrounding the border town. The castle is magnificent and the whole area is just fascinating.

The market here is also fantastic just like most markets in Northumberland but Berwick definitely seems to have something extra with its rich history.

Feel at home

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