A Sky Full of Stars – Kielder Observatory

If you’re thinking about having a short getaway in the near future then Northumberland is the place for you. The culture here is so unique that it makes for a welcome and wonderful change from day to day life.

One place that is an absolute must see when you come to Northumberland is Kielder Observatory.

Kielder Observatory Sky

Northumberland Night Sky

Due to the location that Northumberland finds itself in, it is home to the third largest area of protected dark sky in the whole world. The skies above kielder in Northumberland are the darkest in Britain and that makes it the perfect place to explore the universe.

The dark skies here are protected which means that people work hard to ensure there is no light pollution ruining the view of the dark skies. This makes the divine wilderness here one of the most beautiful and tranquil places in you can visit.

The Observatory

If you’re interested in an exciting night trying something new with the family or a loved one, there is nothing more romantic and interesting than experiencing the universe from the Kielder Observatory. You can learn so much about the world beyond our own whilst taking in the awe-inspiring views.

Whether you’re a keen astronomer or just want the best chance to see the universe without the pollution caused by human civilisation then Kielder Observatory is the ideal place for you.

Kielder Observatory


The incredible surroundings of the observatory make this the perfect place to spend the day as you can explore the stunning landscape which includes magnificent forest land and Kielder Water which is the largest man made reservoir is Europe.

When the night comes knocking you have to go up to the observatory for one of the most incredible views you will ever see. The team at Kielder Observatory offer their vast knowledge of astronomy to help you have one of the most amazing nights, getting a better look at the universe that is so mysterious to us all.

Take a look at the events page on the Kielder Observatory website and decide which day you want to come and have your mind blowing with an out of this world experience.

Don’t just take our word for it, check it out for your self. Check out this timelapse video below taken from the observatory:

Northumberland Accommodation

Once you’ve had a great day and night out in Kielder you can join us at Warkworth House Hotel for a much needed rest and wake up to a delicious breakfast that will prepare you for another day’s adventure.

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