Regimental Museum

The King’s Own Scottish Borders Regimental Museum is a great day out in Berwick and there is so much that you can learn on a trip here. Admission also permits entry into the Berwick Gymnasium Art Gallery, The Berwick Museum and Art Gallery and the exhibition ‘By Beat of Drum’ on the life of the British infantryman.

Regiment Museum

An Impressive History

The Kings own Scottish Borders Regiment has played an extensive part in defending and fighting for Great Britain. It all started back in 1689 when 800 men were recruited in two hours and fought their first battle four months later against Jacobite rebels. In 1691 the regiment fought in the assault of Ballymore, the siege of Athlone and many more before spending five years fighting the French in the Low Countries.

At the siege of Namur, July 1695, 20 officers and 500 men were killed by the explosion of a mine. The survivors rallied and drove the French troops back to main defences and for this act the Battalion were awarded their first Battle Honour.

The regiment carried on fighting important battles throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth Centuries and also did work abroad. A little closer to home however, is the regiment’s participation in both of World Wars. A colossal number of men were lost over these two tragic wars but they played a very important role and received 66 Honours from 1914-1918 alone.

In 2003 the Battalion was sent to southern Iraq to help maintain law and order and today they are a valued member of the British Army.

Come and Visit

On visiting this exciting museum, you will learn of the regiment’s extraordinary history from 1689 in great depth with displays to help explain in the form of uniforms, badges, medals, weapons and relics from various campaigns in which they were involved.

Tableaux and Dioramas will dramatically bring the battles to life getting you involved and helping you to understand exactly what it was like as well as explaining all the different aspects of the soldier’s profession.

At this museum there us an unrivalled collection of documents and pictures relating to its 317 year history that can indulge in and you will be sure to discover something interesting. There is also the option of exploring your own family history if you are curious to find out if any of your ancestors played a part in this amazing regiment.

This museum really is worth paying a visit, there are many things to do around the area and Warkworth House Hotel is in a perfect location to visit exciting places like this one. Spend the day in Berwick and return to the beautiful village of Warkworth to relax in style.

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