Pet Friendly Northumberland

If you have a pet that is really special to you and you want to give them a fantastic treat to show them how much they mean to you then you have to bring them to Northumberland.

This county is full to the brim with the most incredible scenery and acres upon acres of naturally beautiful land which your four-legged-friend will find irresistible to explore with happiness.

There is no question that your pet will fall in love with Northumberland but what’s more, you will fall in love too. Here are some of the best spots to visit to give your pet the getaway it deserves.

Holy Island

One of the best places in the county of Northumberland to take your pet would be Holy Island of Lindisfarne which is located on the coast of Northumberland. Holy Island is only accessible via a causeway which is completely submerged in water at certain points of the day. This is a fascinating aspect of this special location and the scenery here makes it even more spectacular.

There are miles of greenery and sand for you and your pet to go exploring and amazingly you can enjoy a rich history when doing so. Take your pet for a walk up to Lindisfarne Castle where the views are breathless and appreciate how happy your little friend is with the best walkies ever.

Hadrian’s Wall Walks

Hadrian’s Wall is a spectacular piece of British history and what remains of the wall today is a huge tourist attraction as well as one of the best walking trails in England.

One element that you will instantly notice about the walking at any point of the trail is that they scenery is to die for. There are seemingly endless miles of beautiful green land which your dog can enjoy whilst you enjoy the history of the wall.

This walk is very friendly for your pets and many others will have similar ideas so you can be sure to enjoy your getaway to Hadrian’s Wall with your best friend.

Druridge Bay

This location is an absolute gem in Northumberland and it is the perfect places for a day out with your pet as well as the whole family as there is so much excitement on offer.
Go for walk on the seven mile beach where your furry friend can let off some steam chasing sticks up and down the beautiful yellow sands.

Wander around Ladyburn Lake after and take in some of the stunning scenery on offer and if you’re feeling really brave, why not take part in some of the water sports on offer on the lake.

After you explored the lake you can head into the forest trails with your pet and experience the amazing flowers and trees that make the woodland walks so special. The wildlife is amazing in these woods so keep your eyes peeled and you might even see one of the rare red squirrels that have taken refuge here.

There are so many top pet friendly places in Northumberland, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Warkworth House Hotel is a great base location to head to all of these wonderful places and our pet friendly hotel is the perfect place to get some well earned rest without having to leave your pet outside.

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