Northumberland’s Best Walking Trails

Whether you’re an avid hiker or just enjoy a leisurely stroll from time to time there’s nowhere better to go exploring than Northumberland.

Although summer is over there is still a lot to explore in Northumberland, there is nothing more refreshing than taking advantage of Northumberland many walking trails on a fresh, sunny autumn morning.

Northumberland boasts a plethora of wonderful walking trails for all different levels of ability and the scenery is unrivalled with vast greenery, an array of castles and monuments, and some stunning scenery to behold.

The Coastal Route

Bamburgh Walking

Northumberland’s coast is a true thing of beauty but it isn’t small so I’d recommend heading to Bamburgh for the walking trails there. Here you will discover a delightful beach with wonderful sand dunes and places to stop and relax in the sun. This coastal walking route is very peaceful so if tranquillity is on your agenda you will love it here.

The awe-inspiring Bamburgh Castle is also on the walking trail here and seeing something of this magnitude is always an added pleasure for any walkers.

Hadrian’s Wall Trails

hadrians-wallHadrian’s Wall is a huge part of Northumberland’s history and something that is well worth seeing.

Hadrian’s Wall stretches for 84 miles however so we would recommend choosing the best parts to explore whilst you’re here.

There are plenty of exciting parts which have lots to see and do so choose wisely and you might learn a thing or two on your travels.

If you would like to see any upcoming events at Hadrian’s Wall or are interested to find out more about this fascinating piece of history, don’t forget to visit Hadrian’s Wall on the English Heritage site.

Kielder Water & Forest Park

Kielder Observatory SkyThe skies above this park are said to be the darkest in the whole of England which makes this walking trail the best in the country to do if you’re interested in some stargazing. You can take part in some professional stargazing here where you will be shown far beyond our own planet.

The scenery here is also fantastic so there are lots of reasons to choose this route for your walk.

St. Oswald’s Way

St Oswalds WalkSt. Oswald’s Way is another amazing walking trail in Northumberland which ranges across a vast area but I would especially recommend having a walk up to Lindisfarne on Holy Island. St. Oswald’s route has an added element of excitement due to the only access to the island being across a causeway which is submerged in water half of the time.

When you walk up the sands to Holy Island you can explore the beautiful little village and one of the most impressive castles in England in the form of Lindisfarne which sits on a hill to provide some unbelievable views.

All of these walking trails are easily accessible from our Warkworth House Hotel. There is no better place to get a luxury night sleep in a warm and friendly atmosphere in our accommodation in Northumberland.

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