Northumberlandia – Lady of the North

I’m sure you’ve all heard of the Angel of the North but what about the Lady of the North? Northumberland is full of beautiful scenery and there now it can also boast some unique and fascinating landscape art. Northumberlandia is one of the most unique pieces of art in the whole of the UK and well worth seeing so come and stay with us at Warkworth House Hotel and you can see this incredible landform which is just a thirty minute drive into the countryside.


The Lady herself

This one is a kind human landform in the heart of Northumberland features a beautiful reclining lady which has been sculpted into the vast countryside. There are four miles of footpaths on and around the piece of art which gives ample space to admire the enormous countryside and the wonderful art form which is free to the public.

Northumberlandia was built using 1.5 million tonnes of rock, clay and soil which came from the nearby Shotton surface mine. The £3 million cost of this art form was privately funded by the Banks Group and the Blagdon Estate and it was something that the mining company though would be a good way to give something back to the land that helps provide energy for the UK.

The Lady may be reclined but stands 100 feet from the ground and the landform stretches a quarter of a mile in length. The foot paths on around the landform give you a great chance to see the magnificent art work in all its glory as well as allowing you the opportunity to actually be a part of it.

The Lady was designed by brilliant artist; Charles Jenks who brought the idea to life and one of the things that all of the people who made this possible are proud of is how Northumberlandia is part of the landscape. The landform will change throughout generations, adapting to match all of the seasons.

Things to do

As well as being able to view the outstanding views and sublime art work there are also ponds that you can walk around and there is a visitor centre which contains a nice café and some public toilets.
There are also regular events held at Northumberlandia depending on the season and coming up very shortly is the Easter event which the kids are guaranteed to love.
Spend the day admiring the unique human landform that is Northumberlandia before returning to your luxury room at Warkworth House.

Find out more about the Lady of the North below:

-Video by North Wildlife Trust

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