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If you’re considering a getaway to Northumberland this year then look no further than our beautiful residence, Warkworth House Hotel. You will be guaranteed a luxurious stay in a magical county with so much wonder to see. Somewhere that we can recommend when you come and stay is the fantastic Maltings theatre which is located in Berwick-Upon-Tweed, a pleasant drive from our location.

This venue is the most northern theatre and cinema in England and is situated right on the border between England and Scotland which adds character to this great place.

maltings theatre

Get your act together

The Maltings is a mixed used venue which specialises in theatre, dance, comedy and music which means that it offers something to everyone. There is so much talent on show here you will not regret a visit.

The Maltings puts on over 200 live events each year, making it a very busy and popular place for visitors who love the arts and this is one of the north east’s leading independent cinemas showing up to 200 films each year. What is more, a lot of the films that get shown here will not be seen in most cinemas which makes this a special venue for independent films.

There is an array of amazing acts to see at The Maltings Theatre with huge names such as, Lee Evans, Michael McIntyre, Steve Howe and John Bishop gracing the stage as well as local comedians trying to make a name for themselves. Whether you’re into music, comedy, theatre or film there will certainly be something here that will grab your attention and make for a perfect night out.

As if all this wasn’t exciting enough already you are even able to take part in activities at The Maltings. Classes and workshops are held here to help increase participation in the arts in younger children. This is a great way to get involved in the area of the arts that most appeals to you or your children.

There is an award-winning youth drama programme where children can perfect their acting and singing skills. However, if you are only visiting for a short time then we recommend one of the workshops where you can have a lesson in whatever you fancy, whether it be drama, dance or singing, you can do it here. For those with a bit less rhythm, why not learn how to become a chess champion.

A special venue

The Maltings Theatre is a beautiful building with two main rooms for shows. The main house theatre is a proscenium arch theatre with stalls, boxes and a circle, seating 311 people. This room often sells out for a performance.

There is a bar inside the venue which is also very popular as it is decorated in a very eccentric manner giving the impression that you are part of an elegant performance yourself.

There is so much to see and do at The Maltings so have a look at what’s coming up soon that appeals to you and get booked up at our wonderful hotel.

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