Apart from being a great band, Lindisfarne is also a glorious place to visit in Northumberland. Lindisfarne is more commonly referred to as Holy Island and is a tidal island due to its causeway being covered twice a day by the North Sea.

The island

Lindisfarne is such an exciting place to visit at all times of the year. There is a population of only 160 people but the small island is made very busy by the huge amount of tourists that visit each year. This island is most famous for its medieval religious heritage and also the 16th Century castle situated brilliantly on the island. However, there is another side to the island, on the Northern area, where visitors can find great tranquillity. This side of the island is full of quiet beaches and natural land that stretches as far as the eye can see. This area is loved because of how peaceful it is and also the fact it is a great place to walk and take in the wonderful scenery.

The kids will also love this side as there are not only amazing beaches and areas to go swimming, but there are also sand dunes that offer hours of harmless fun where they can let loose and run up the hills before having a rolling race to the bottom. With the amount of beach area you will be guaranteed to find the perfect spot for you and it may even seem like you have your own private island if you find a hidden area.

One thing you will have to sample when you visit Lindisfarne is their world famous Lindisfarne Mead. This is an alcoholic fortified wine that has been referred to as the‘nectar of the Gods’ so definitely worth a taste.



Lindisfarne boasts some brilliant wildlife opportunities such as; bird-watching which is very popular on this island, due to the plethora of species on show here. Fishing is also a very popular hobby on the island of Lindisfarne and you could catch a real winner. There are also a lot of sheep and something that will interest anyone is the seals that can be seen on and around the island.

The Castle

Lindisfarne Castle is a fairly small castle but it is a massively popular attraction for tourists. This may be down to the location that it finds itself in. The Castle is on a very special island but also the views that can be seen from this 16th Century sensation are something else. You get a spectacular view of island from the romantic castle which truly is breathtaking.

You can also learn all about the rich history of the island which is very interesting as it contains events such as the Viking raid of 793 which started the Viking age. You can witness the coasts where it all began with a trip through history.

Also at the Lindisfarne Castle, you can see the beautiful Gertrude’s walled garden which offers some magical colours each year. If you have time, why not walk down to the rocks which are brilliant for rock-pooling and see if you can catch your very own crab.
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