Kielder Water & Forest Park

If you come down to Warkworth House Hotel for a few days this summer you will have the perfect base to explore the most fascinating county in the whole of England.

Our hotel here is perfectly located to allow you to easily get to all of the exciting vantage points of your trip.

One area of Northumberland that you should certainly pay a visit is Kielder Water and Forest Park.

This gem found in Northumberland is one of the most incredible places you will ever visit in the UK due to its immense beauty and Scandinavian like scenery. The tranquillity of this place will leave you feeling a sense of relaxation and amazement.

What can you do?

If you pay a visit to Kielder during your stay in Northumberland then you will be sure to have a wild day out. The nature here is on a whole new level and it is guaranteed to make this a trip to remember.

Explore the forest

Kielder ForestKielder is home to the largest working forest in England which contains miles upon miles of purpose-built trails that make exploring this vast forest a breathtaking experience for the whole family.

The wildlife here is wonderful and you can walk along side animals that you will never see in built up areas and cities. Witness the rare red squirrel, Roe Deer, Pipistrelle bats and Osprey on your trek through the beautiful forest.

Kindler Water

Kielder boasts the largest man-made lake in the whole of Northern Europe and this attraction is one that cannot be missed. The lake is a thing of beauty and is the perfect scene for a romantic walk, family fun and wild exploring.

If you’re into your sports you’ll find a whole load of extreme ones available in Kielder. Check out the mountain bike tracks for some extreme cycling and extreme fun riding all over the mountains here. You can also go horse riding on dedicated tracks to be one with nature.

Kielder Water

If you feel more home on water then why not take to the lake and participate in some of the amazing water sports available such as waterskiing and sailing.

There are so many sporting activities to take part in here in Kielder whether you’re into fishing, climbing, archery, fencing, tennis and many more so you will be sure to find something that suits your desires.

Kielder Water & Forest Park

Check out this video below from Visit Northumberland

The sky at night

Another thing that Kielder is famous for is having the darkest skies in England which means that this is the best place to see the sky in all of its glory. Come down on a night time when the stars are out and if you’re really lucky you might see something really special up there.

See our previous post on The Kielder Observatory, it is the perfect place to explore the universe and this will be a seriously special night.

Remember that Wakworth House Hotel is located brilliantly in Northumberland so you can have days and nights out such as this before returning to our dog-friendly hotel for a friendly welcome, delicious food and a delightful night sleep.


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