We’ll take you to infinity and beyond

Ever wonder what goes on beyond the clouds of our world? Wonder no more!

Northumberland is the best place in England to get a better look at this vast universe with the ‘Campaign for the Protection of Rural England’ claiming that the enormous skies above Kielder Water and Forest park and Northumberland National Park are the darkest in England.

Northumberland has a lot to offer for any tourists looking to explore a vast, natural land complimented by historical monuments, with its beautiful acres of greenery and archaic walls and castles. Another, less well known, piece of natural scenery Northumberland has to offer is its fascinatingly brilliant views of our galaxy.

Both Parks mentioned have such dark skies that they have been granted a ‘Dark Sky Status’ which means that they will now be protected from light pollution to ensure that you will always have the chance to check out the amazing views available, which we never get an opportunity to witness in the busy cities and towns.

Our Hotel is the perfect place to seek rest if you have an interest in seeing all that Northumberland has to offer including this revolutionary experience that will put our minimal world into proportion.

So what’s on show?

With the exceptionally dark skies, your mind will be blown by the billions of stars on show. You can also witness a deluge of planets, impossible to see from most places in England. This also applies to the glow of galaxies on show in these dark sky areas. There is no natural sight quite like the purple glow of another galaxy.

Another unmissable experience in astronomy is seeing a meteor shower, and you’d be crazy not to keep an eye on any scheduled showers to view whilst visiting. It is said that 85% of people in the UK have never seen a truly dark sky so just think what you’ve been missing!

With all of the activities we and Northumberland have to offer, our hotel is a great place to visit no matter what time of year. However, autumn and winter months are usually preferable for astronomy due to the nights drawing darker earlier but there is also a book, composed by Alec Finlay, called ‘One Hundred Year Star Diary’ where you can get all of the astronomical events from 2008 to 2108 so you never have to miss an occasion to be blown away. What’s more, you won’t need a startlingly expensive telescope; a pair of binoculars would suffice for any star gazing.

Stars in your eyes

If you’re into your stargazing you may have seen Northumberland star on BBC programme Stargazing Live in which case you will know all about what we as a County have to offer. If you are merely interested in discovering something new then Northumberland is the perfect place for you to get a great first experience before coming back to your comfy room in the early hours full of awe.

Warkworth House Hotel is situated right on the coast of Northumberland and is in a great area for many things, stargazing being one. There are plenty of recommended areas to stargaze near by and with the Northumberland National Park only an hour down the road the options are universal.

For any further information, visit the Northumberland National Park website.

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