Howick Hall Gardens

Come and stay at Warkworth House Hotel and have the chance to experience great days out like Howick Hall Gardens where you will find fun for all the family. Howick Hall Gardens offers a fantastic range of things to see and do. There is the brilliant architecture of the 1782 Hall which had the whole interior destroyed in a fire back in 1926.

Howick Hall GardensYou may have heard of Greys Monument in Newcastle Upon Tyne? Well, Charles 2nd Earl Grey was the most distinguished member of this home. What’s more, Howick is also the home of the enviable Earl Grey Tea since a Chinese Madarin created it for Charles with the water from the well there.

The Gardens

Howick HallThe most spectacular thing about Howick Hall is the phenomenal gardens on show there. These gardens are breathtaking and from February to November you can witness the beauty first hand. I would say that the gardens at Howick are some of the best I have seen in my lifetime and for those who appreciate nature you will love it here.

There are a number of different gardens at Howick Hall and each of them has its very own surprise and character. You will be amazed by the colours and smells that engage all of your senses. The scenery here is like something out of a book and you will feel as if you have fallen down the rabbit hole and into a whole new world.

One magnificent feature of the gardens at Howick is that they are home to the endangered Red Squirrel who have been chased out of much of their habitats by the more vicious Grey Squirrel. When you go to Howick Hall Gardens you will have the amazing opportunity to see the Red Squirrels which you will more than likely not see anywhere else in the wild.

Our hotel location is just a twenty minute drive from Howick Hall Gardens so if you want a luxury stay in Northumberland after taking in all of the beautiful scenery at Howick then Warkworth House Hotel is the place for you. You can reenergise with one of our delicious meals before residing to you extremely comfortable room for a great night’s sleep.

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