History on Our Doorstep

One of the fantastic attractions of the peaceful town of Warkworth is the incredible ruined castle and Hermitage that hold a vast amount of the town’s history.

Warkworth Castle is one of Northumberland’s most impressive fortresses as it was at one time one of the largest castles in the north east. Erected in the twelfth Century, Warkworth Castle later became a huge defence for the town and also contained a fortified bridge which made it a very safe place and in 1327 the Scots besieged Warkworth Castle twice and failed at both attempts.Warkworth Castle

The Castle’s most famous owners are the Percy family who now occupy Alnwick Castle. Henry Percy strengthened the Castle’s defence and built the cross shaped keep which dominates the fortress.

Warkworth Castle was also once the home of Harry Hotspur, one of Shakespeare’s best known characters. Hotspur was seen as a hero and commanded many army’s but his rebellion against Henry IV at the Battle of Shrewsbury resulted in his devastating death.

Warkworth Castle is an amazing structure and the land surrounding this huge ruin is very easy on the eye. Observe the breathtaking view of the castle from the vast green area that surrounds it and take a trip through history by delving into the walls that were once the home of Northumberland’s most powerful family and see how their lives were so different to ours today.

Step into Wonderland

Warkworth Castle is an attraction worth visiting all year round but do make sure you come back in summer as you will also have the chance to see Warkworth Hermitage which is a truly magical place to visit.

Warkworth Hermitage is a very unique relic situated on the north bank of the River Coquet and it is only accessible via boat which adds to the enchanting feel as you row through overhanging branches, along the tranquil river until you reach the worn out steps that lead to the rock built sanctuary. It really is like stepping into Wonderland or some kind of fairytale, cut off from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.

The Hermitage is not too dissimilar to a cave as it is designed purely from rock and consists of an inner and outer chapel, both containing their very own alter. There is also what appears to be a kitchen and stairs ascending to an orchid. This would have been a very special place to have lived or even visited so it is well worth coming to see.

Stay with us at Warkworth House Hotel and the castle and hermitage will be within walking distance. We can provide you with any information about opening times or directions so don’t hesitate to ask. See how the kings, royals and priests lived and then return to us for a much more comfortable night’s sleep.

Check out the video below for some great footage of Warkworth Castle.

Warkworth Castle

-Video by BillHally

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