Cragside House & Gardens

One thing we’d seriously recommend when you come and stay with us is the magnificent Cragside House and Gardens. This Victorian mansion was home to the genius inventor and landscape legend Lord Armstrong. Cragside is a pleasant thirty minute drive from our hotel and is definitely worth visiting during your luxury stay in Northumberland.

A bit of History

Cragside house began in 1863 when Lord Armstrong decided to move back to the place of his birth for a holiday and ended up building a home in the country which has become vastly popular for tourists today.

Lord Armstrong was an exceptionally intelligent and interesting character who made huge discoveries in the world of mechanics as well as other fields which he found intriguing such as the study of planets. On visiting Cragside you will be able to step into the brain of one of the world’s most intelligent men and witness firsthand what he was working with. In the gardens you will see his skills on a different level with the seven million trees that he planted there.

Cragside House was the first house in the world to be lit by hydroelectric power back in 1880 and this was a monumental achievement making this house a very special place to visit. Cragside has been under the ownership of The National Trust since 1977.


What’s on Show

When you visit Cragside House and Gardens there really is a plethora of activities available. From the outside of the house there is a giant area of amazing land on offer and you really will be spoilt for choice as the gardens surrounding this audacious mansion contain 40 miles of footpaths to choose from which are beautiful in all of the seasons.

You can explore historic lakes that offer some of the most fantastic and tranquil nature in the whole of the world. There is an array of walks available and for the more seasoned walkers or those up for a challenge there is The Gun Walk which offers a slightly more demanding trek but it is guaranteed to be worthwhile when you see the stunning views that will leave you breathless.

The whole family will enjoy the outdoor area of Cragside Gardens as there is some stunning nature as well as wildlife that you would not expect to see day to day, such as the increasingly endangered red squirrel which has taken refuge in the grounds at Cragside.

There is also an adventure play area and Nelly’s Labyrinth which the kids will love as well as some incredible natural waterfalls that will wow almost anyone.

Step Inside

After taking in the stunning nature surrounding the house and admiring the mansion from the outside, take a stroll through the corridors of a house that has some amazing history. Inside you will be able to admire the collection of art, furniture and natural history, not to mention the obscure scientific items that are found all over the house.

Cragside really is worth a visit and after taking in all of its beauty you can return to your comfortable room for a luxury rest at Warkworth House.

Check out the latest video from the National Trust about Cragside’s Gardens:

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