Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens

If you fancy a nice getaway this summer then Northumberland is the ideal place for you. There is an array of beautiful scenery and rich history with so much to see and do. Come and stay with us at Warkworth House Hotel and there will be so much fun right on your doorstep. One place that is well worth a visit when visiting Northumberland is Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens which will be a wonderful day out for you and the family. This amazing attraction consists of three parts, the Medieval Castle, the Greek Revival Mansion and the incredible Garden which connects the two.

The Castle

The castle at Belsay is an impressive piece of craftsmanship which is the creation of the Middleton family who today continue to own the estate that surrounds the castle. The medieval castle was enlarged in the 17th Century and the fortified tower was erected in response to the attacks from the Scots.

The castle is in very good condition and has survived the test of time a lot better than some castles in the area and you will be very impressed by the magnitude of this listed building.

Belsay Hall, Castle & Gardens

Greek Mansion

This part of Belsay is probably the most impressive on the eye due to how unique this building is. You will feel like a time traveller who has stepped back in time to ancient Greece when you witness the incredible pillar hall. Sir Charles took inspiration from his honeymoon in Greece which can be seen in the architectural design. You will struggle to see design like this anywhere else in the UK so this building is something to be savoured.

In this building you can also see the family bedrooms and discover what it would have been like living in such a vast and unique building.

Belsay Hall, Castle & Gardens

The Gardens

Finally you will come to the gardens which are absolutely stunning. The gardens set the scene perfectly and make the two dominant buildings look marvellous. Like the rest of the grounds at Belsay the gardens also feel like something out of a scene of Game of Thrones or The Secret Garden because you literally feel as though you have left England and the 21st Century all together. If you like gardens and exotic plants then Belsay is the place for you and I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Belsay Hall, Castle & Gardens

Spend the day meandering through the grounds of the magical Belsay before returning to your beautiful room at Warkworth House Hotel. To find out more infomation about upcoming events at Belsay Hall, Castle & Gardens, Click Here.

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