Barter Books

When you come to Warkworth House to stay with us you should definitely check out the incredibly unique Barter Books store which is located just fifteen minutes down the road from us.

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This delightful antiquarian bookstore is one of the largest in the whole of the UK and offers a colossal selection of antique and contemporary works. There is so much to see inside this book store that you might just end up spending a whole day here – and with the station buffet on hand every day, why not?

Barter Books

Barter Books is a must see for all literature enthusiasts and anyone who is interested in doing some quality reading. There is a plethora of novels to choose from and with the beautiful train station waiting rooms which have been kitted out with luxury seating and a roaring fire you will be sure to have your very own Walter Mitty moment and escape from all of the sounds and stresses of day to day life, getting lost in your own little world.

There is so much choice that you will be guaranteed to find the book that best suits you and there is no better place to visit for a lover of the classics. Another thing that sets Barter Books aside from other book sellers is the fact that you are able to, as the name suggests, barter for books by trading some of your old material. If you have books lying around that you do not wish to use again you can give them to Barter Books and they will find a new home for all used books. Like Edmund Wilson once said ‘no two persons have ever read the same book’.

Step into a new world

Barter Books is famous for its special books and amazing atmosphere that it creates. When visiting this store that was opened back in 1991 you are stepping into a world of imagination. There are thousands of books, new and old, as well as a model railway that links the book columns. There are also three 40ft murals for you to feast your eyes on as you explore the array of literature. Luckily there is a children’s room meaning that they can be preoccupied with children’s literature and toys whilst you enjoy browsing the isles.

Be sure to try out some of the delicious food on offer in the station buffet or just sample the coffee and cakes for a nice treat to help you re-energise after a good few hours of discovery.

Barter Books also kick started the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ posters after hanging one designed during World War II up in the store. Find out more about Barter Books in the video below:

-Video by Barter Books
Come and stay with us at Warkworth House and you will be able to explore fantastic gems like this in Northumberland.

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