Morpeth Chantry Bagpipe Museum

Fancy a break from the hustle and bustle of day to day life? What better place to get some relaxation than in the beautifully picturesque landscape of Northumberland. Come and stay with us a Warkworth House and you will thoroughly enjoy your getaway.

There is so much to do and see in Northumberland that it is the perfect place for both couples and families of all ages. One place that is worth seeing due to its insightful learning and local history is the Bagpipe Museum in Morpeth. This fascinating museum is less than a thirty minute drive from our hotel making it an ideal place to visit during your stay. You can learn all about the history of Northumbrian pipes as well as taking in the beautiful scenery of Morpeth.

Bagpipe Museum

A musical history

Northumberland is absolutely packed full of interesting history of battles and castles that have been such an influential part of its heritage but something that can often be overlooked is the very interesting musical history of this magical county. The Chantry Bagpipe museum is a special part of this music heritage and this is somewhere that will interest everyone as there is much to learn but those with a fondness for musical instruments will love this museum.

There is a spectacular collection of 150 sets of bagpipes from all over the world which will give you an idea about the differences in this popular instrument. Discover how the unique Northumbrian pipes differ from the Highland and Irish bagpipes and find out all about the expert, William Alfred Cocks who dedicated his life to this marvellous instrument as well as collecting many others. William Cocks had a special love for musical instruments and put a lot of time and effort into his collection of bagpipes. This love extended from collecting instruments to the making of his own unique models. At this museum you can see the sort of instrument that he designed as well as the models that he inspired in others.

There is so much to see at this exclusive museum and if you’re lucky you may even see some live music performances and there is a young band that loves playing as a group which you could observe to get a better understanding of the instruments.

Come and stay with us!

Come and stay at Warkworth House for a luxury place to sleep with many activities around the whole of Northumberland. Get down to the Morpeth Chantry Bagpipe Museum for a great day out in a very special atmosphere.


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