Aydon Castle

If you fancy doing something a little bit different with your weekend and are interested in a short getaway then Northumberland is the place for you.

Northumberland offers a great opportunity to get away from the busy hustle and bustle of city life with its vast beauty, tranquillity and rich history.

One day out in Northumberland that shouldn’t be missed is a trip to Aydon Castle which offers a magical day out for the whole family. This is the perfect way to mix things up by spending your time of exploring something new and exciting.

Aydon Castle is the perfect day out for all history lovers and anyone who appreciates a unique setting that is full of stunning views and wonder.

The Castle

Ayton CourtyardAydon Castle was built in 1296 by Robert De Reymes whose intentions were only to create a manor house to reside. Unfortunately for him, the Scots attacked the castle on many occasions during the ongoing border wars. This was the cause of the fortification that can still be seen to this day.

The castle is one of the most untouched in the UK with most of the buildings and fortifications still in place. This makes it a very interesting place to visit as the castle is so impressive.

Don’t miss the incredible fire places inside which will paint a wonderful image of how they would have spent winter nights all those years ago.

The Grounds

It’s safe to say that Aydon Castle is quite extraordinary to look at and its surrounding area doesn’t fail to disappoint.

Aydon Castle is situated in a secluded woodland that is so aesthetically pleasing that it is the perfect surroundings for this castle.

You won’t find many places in England with a view as breathtaking as this and that makes is an ideal place to relax and enjoy a picnic before heading into the woodland for more exploring.

Another great reason to visit Aydon Castle is the fact that it is a stone’s throw away from the famous Hadrian’s Wall. You can enjoy a few hours exploring the castle before getting your hiking boots on and walking along Hadrian’s Wall for a trip through history.


Once you’re done exploring the beautiful Northumberland you can join us at Warkworth House Hotel for some refreshments and the comfort of one of our luxury rooms. Don’t forget that Aydon Castle is a dog friendly location and so are we at Warkworth House so feel free to bring along your furry friend for a getaway you won’t forget.

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