Alnwick Castle

As you may well know, Northumberland is brimming with medieval history and with this beautiful fact comes a plethora of castles. There are over seventy castles in this county and this is due to the rich history of warfare, mainly between the Scots and the English. One castle that brings tourists from all over the world to this magical county is Alnwick Castle.

Alnwick Castle Area

Alnwick Castle has been around for almost a thousand years and in this time it has been party to some thrilling encounters. If the walls at Alnwick Castle could talk I’m sure they’d have something very interesting to say. Luckily, however, there is a great team of dedicated castle lovers who give tours around the castle and tell you all they know about the vast and exciting history at Alnwick.

The Castle started out nothing like the incredible structure we see today but you can discover all the stages of development and some of the history is easily attainable due to the fact that Alnwick Castle has been the home to The Percy family for over seven hundred years.

Learn more about the castle’s most famous son; Harry Hotspur who was a renowned warrior and legend suggests he led 900 men into battle at the young age of 12. The Castle museum is a sufficient guide to the history that has made this castle such a famous monument.

Bags Of Fun To Be Had

There are so many activities available at Alnwick Castle so you know it will be a great day out for all the family. Observe the Castle and its breathtaking gardens as you walk up the path and you will be amazed by the stunning architecture that played the part of Hogwarts in the famous Harry Potter films. Alnwick Castle is very popular as a historical site but its cameo roles in film and TV have added to its fame largely. Not only do Harry Potter fans love this castle but also fans of Downton Abbey where Alnwick Castle made a 2014 appearance as Brancaster Castle. You can step into the film set at Alnwick Castle in their Downton Abbey exhibition which features photography, costumes and props from the popular TV show.

If you decide to enter this awe inspiring castle you will have the pleasure of seeing the illustrious art and furniture collections that can be seen all over the castle. The State rooms are full of interesting art work and furniture and you can see how the owners of Alnwick Castle would have lived many years ago. The design of such rooms is truly amazing and might leave you wishing you were a member of the Percy family a few centuries ago.

There are plenty of tours and exhibitions in the castle so you can get to grips with the fascinating history and if you are really brave you can dare to delve deeper into the castle and enter The Lost Cellars. Here you will discover what lies beneath the castle’s darkest walls. On this tour you will be told some spooky stories which will be accompanied by some character holograms… or maybe they’re ghosts.

From One Beauty To Another

If you are interested in exploring Alnwick Castle then you should consider staying with us at Warkworth House. We are less than fifteen minutes down the road from Alnwick Castle which is a perfect location and after spending the day exploring the vast history of Alnwick you can return to Warkworth House for a luxury night’s sleep and a delicious meal in our restaurant.

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